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Where can I see your work and how do I get it?

I work with several stock agencies/websites that represent me in the stock world

shutterstock istockphoto dreamstime

Feel free to take a look at my portoflio at above given websites, they all have more or less same images but my portfolio at ShutterStock has most images online.

But, I don't have account at those websites, and I don't want to have one!

Fair enough, then you should take a look at the portfolio at least and email me what u're interested in, I am sure we can work something out.
For direct purchases payment methods are Skrill (Mooneybookers) and bank transfers, and licencing will be agreed upon.
Also don't forget that I do custom requests so if you have seen something you like but it isn't just quite what you are after, drop me a line.

What else do you do?

I'm interested in, and up for hire, for anything and everything visual, mainly focused on photoshop alterations and photography.

I would really like to get into gaming industry, or anything else thats cool and into which I could fit in, I probably can't think 1% of what you can come up with, so if you like what I do, drop me a line at contact@pixelparticles.com